Our games are focused on the gameplay, rules and mechanics combining the best of classic and modern games

Our team always had the illusion of making video games. In 2012 we started our first project "coba's dream" and several projects to gain experience

In 2015 Intertum is born, a company of video game enthusiasts who work every day to make high quality games

Our philosophy

The rules are first: We believe that the most important thing in a game is to put the player into the flow state (when you lose track of time) solid rules are needed to make the player to have fun.

Always give the best of us: We try to take care of the details, we respect our players striving to make the best game possible.

Keep learning: We can not be content with mastering a couple of tools or types of games, we are committed to further enhancing and thus our games.

Working on:

Project2V an horizontal shoot 'em up